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Tyre, Plastic & Vinyl Protectant 16oz 473ml

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In today’s modern aircraft and automobiles, there are many different surfaces, and many of them are made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic. All of these materials tend to dry out and crack as the natural oils (in the case of rubber), or plasterers (in the case of plastics or fiberglass) “leach” over time.  PROTECT was designed to stop this from happening and ensure that your surfaces remain looking as good as new.

In addition, unlike other treatments on the market, PROTECT has been designed to penetrate the surface it is applied to. This prevents “SLING” which occurs when products are applied to tyres and then “flies off” leaving dirt spots all over your freshly cleaned automobile, which means no more dirt spots showing up behind wheel wells or down the side of the automobile.

AERO PROTECT is a satin-finish, rubber, plastic, fibreglass and vinyl conditioner that both beautifies and protects.  On tyres, PROTECT will penetrate your sidewalls ensuring the conditioner will NOT sling down your freshly detailed ride.  PROTECT adds UV protection, prohibits UV damage and other natural wear and tear from effecting the look and feel of these surfaces and leaves a satin finish to any of these surfaces for extended lengths of time.



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