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AERO SHIELD ENVY was created as the finest marine-grade DIAMOND series ceramic coating on the market.
ENVY is a 10H ceramic coating that is durable enough to handle the harshest environments.
AERO SHIELD ENVY’s extremely high surface tension blocks contaminants from sticking to the coated substrate.

ENVY blocks 99.9% of UV rays, and never yellows or fades while increasing scratch and damage resistance to a full 10H. Our unique formulation is designed to block all chemicals found in nature and your local marina from damaging the coating. With incredible hydrophobic properties and a pH protective range of 3 to 12, our never dull formulation will stay as glossy as the day you installed it and lasts for years.

Function: To add a 10H ceramic protective coating to marine vessels.
To Apply: Wash vessel using AERO SUDS & dry thoroughly.

For rough finishes: prepare surface of vessel using AERO GLIDE to remove Surface contaminants. If needed, use AERO REVOLUTION COMPOUNDS to remove surface defects.

Wipe clean with AERO SHIELD EJECT to remove surface oils. Apply 7 to 10 drops on applicator, systematically apply until entire area is covered with coating.
Wait 3 to 5 minutes (until product sweats and starts to flash), wipe to level with a clean microfiber towel
(380 gsm or better) and buff to finish. Repeat steps until all desired areas are covered. For additional protection, up to 3 coats may be applied. Wait 1 hour between coats.
AERO SHIELD ENVY is fully cured in 7 days.a



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