Brandmotion 90026512

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Brandmotion 9002-6512 Ford Sup

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This kit includes an Authentic OEM(TM) factory replacement tailgate bezel with an integrated rear view camera. Use this tailgate bezel camera kit to integrate with your 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty. When you put your truck in reverse, you’ll see a complete view of everything behind your vehicle, thanks to the high-resolution, wide-angle camera built into the OEM replacement tailgate handle.

  • High Definition/High Contrast Image CMOS Color Camera
  • 9-16V Operating Voltage Range
  • Color Image With Automatic White Balance
  • Electric Auto Iris
  • 150 Degrees Horizontal Field Of View
  • 100 Degrees Vertical Field Of View
  • Waterproof Case With Anti-fog Lens
  • 19 Foot Harness Length
  • 640 x 480 Resolution 480p
  • 1 Lux For Better Illumination And A Sharper Image
  • Parking Gridlines Available
  • Format/NTSC