Cobra Electronics Corporation 0010067-1

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Escort M1 Dashcam

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Records audio along with your video. The microphone can easily be toggled off via the M1 App, if you prefer not to record audio

  • Easy Video Management: View, save, and share with ease on iOS and Android devices via Wi-Fi.
  • Extreme Durability: Super capacitor technology allows the M1 to withstand the most extreme climates.
  • Compact Installation: Utilizes the same power source and mount as most ESCORT/Beltronics detectors.
  • Crystal Clear Video: Full HD (1080p/30fps), wide-dynamic range, and enhanced night time recording.
  • Continuous Loop Recording: When full, the M1 records over the oldest files to automatically make space.
  • Emergency Recording: Lock videos with G-Sensor or emergency record button so they are not looped over.



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