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2″ x 15ft – Black Exhaust Wrap

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Improve performance with DEI Exhaust Wrap. Wrapping headers and down pipes is an important first step in controlling unwanted under-hood radiant heat. Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing exhaust density and increases exhaust flow. This improves exhaust scavenging resulting in cooler air intake temperatures for an improvement in performance and a gain in horsepower. Design Engineering stainless steel Locking Ties (sold separately) are the perfect way to fasten exhaust wrap for a easy, clean and professional installation. Design Engineering Hi-Temp Silicone Coating Spray (sold separately) is highly recommended for DEI glass fiber wrap to penetrate, seal, protect and prolong the lifespan of exhaust wrap. Note about Titanium Exhaust Systems: DEI does NOT recommend wrapping Titanium exhausts. The alloys used in the production of titanium exhaust systems tend to be thin and are designed to dissipate heat quickly. By wrapping the exhaust, the additional heat can make the titanium alloy turn brittle and prone to premature cracking. DEI recommends using alternatives such as their flexible heat shields when seeking to reduce the heat on titanium exhaust systems.

  • Reduce under-hood temperatures a realistic 50%
  • Decreases exhaust density and increases exhaust flow
  • Improves horsepower
  • Added durability and heat retention – withstands 1200 degrees F direct / 2000 degrees F radiant
  • Only exhaust wrap with installation guide lines
  • Fit type: Universal Fit


Design Engineering

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