Firstec FTDM600

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B49 Firstech FTDM600 Door Lock

  • Converts the negative door lock and unlock pulses into positive pulses. Direct plug in for all CompuStar systems.
  • The DM-600 door lock polarity invertor is used to switch the lock and unlock outputs on the CM3, CM4, CM5, CM6, and CM7 series control modules from negative polarity to positive polarity. The harness provides a 600 mA positive 12V+ on the lock and unlock wires. The DM-600 plugs directly into the door lock harness connector on Compustar remote start controllers (can also be used on other remote start brands but slight modification of the connector would be required)
  • Compustar DM600 6 Pin Door Lock Polarity Inverter Trunk Car Alarm Wire Harness Plug



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