Hushmat 10400

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Floor/Firewall Kit – Stealth Black Foil with Self-Adhesive Butyl-20 Sheets 12″x23″ ea 38.7 sq ft

Reduce Heat & Road Noise all from one USA Made product!!
HushMat ULTRA – Butyl Damping Pads “RATED #1 INSULATOR” by Restorer Magazine

  • Easiest sound deadening & insulation product to install – peel & stick
  • Reduces heat & vibration that creates an uncomfortable ride
  • Performs from -30 degrees up to 550+ degrees Fahrenheit
  • Light weight & super flexible less than 1/8” thick at less than 1/2 pound per square foot
  • Adhesion is guaranteed – No alcohol or acetone wash needed; no installation tools required
  • Trims easily with standard razor knife or household scissors
  • Self-Adhesive peel and stick – no glue required
  • Installs in 1/2 the time versus offshore produced brands
  • Manufactured in the United States of America 
  • Outperforms closest competitive brand by over 40%
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer approved – Meets or exceeds automotive damping specs GMO149M – General Motors, WSB-M5G58-A1 – Ford and MS-CD 629 Type C – Chrysler
  • Universal application




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