Kenwood CAU1EX

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USB Extention Cable

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If you want to increase the reach of your USB input, Kenwood’s CA-U1EX USB extension cable fits the bill. The kit includes a USB-to-USB cable, a USB-to-mini-USB cable, and mounting kits. Plug either cable into your Kenwood receiver’s front or rear USB input, and you’ll have an extra 39 inches of cable to play with.

If you want to spiff up your installation, you can use the flush-mount or under-dash mount kits to install a permanent USB input in your car. Kenwood includes all the hardware you’ll need for the installation.

  • ncludes a 1-meter USB to USB cable and 1-meter USB to mini-USB cable
  • under-dash and flush-mount kits included
  • compatible with all Kenwood receivers featuring front or rear USB inputs




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