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FEED Leather & Vinyl Protectant

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Water, oil and stain repellent for finished leathers
Partially fluorinated polymer
Exceptional oil, water and alcohol repellency
Meets all VOC regulations
Little or no effect on appearance of finished leather
Easy to apply , Gently rub Into leather, wipe off excess

NANOSKIN FEED Leather & Vinyl Protectant is a ready” to” use cream that protects finished leathers without altering the feel or appearance of the leather. Unlike many protectors, it does not leave the leather with an artificial sheen. Its fluorinated polymer provides exceptional oil, water, and alcohol repellency while meeting all VOC regulations. FEED may be used on auto interior leather & vinyl, leather upholstery, leather apparel: shoes, pants, jackets, skirts, luggage, briefcases, and handbags. NOT FOR USE ON NUBUCK OR SUEDE.



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