Solar Gard CLEARSHIELD12100

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Solar Gard Clearshield 12″x100

Solar Gard

Universal Galaxie Roll Window Film (SF55001700-24100) by Solar Gard®. Size: 12″ x 100′. Visible Light Transmission: 35%. With Solar Gard Automotive Films you can Drive Cooler & more Comfortably with Less Reliance on Air Conditioning, which can Improve Fuel Economy. Solar Gard Window Film is the one product that Starts Working for you the Minute it’s Installed on your Car, offering Benefits Beyond your needs. Since Solar Gard Blocks up to 99% of Damaging Ultraviolet Light and Rejects as much as 66% of Uncomfortable Solar Heat

Furnishing and Upholstery Preservation
Reduced Hot Spots and Glare
Improved Comfort
Balanced Climate
Reduced Energy Demands
Extended HVAC Life
Increased Privacy
Aesthetic Enhancement
Engineered to provide the ultimate in style and protection
Guaranteed to add a rugged off-road look to your vehicle
Guaranteed to provide perfect fit and function


Solar Gard

Solar Gard

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