Voxx Int’L Corp CA6155E

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Audiovox 1-Way Elite Remote Start


The CA6155E does it all…remote start your vehicle to cool it down or warm it up with selectable runtime (5, 10, 15, 20, 45 and 60 mins), protect your car from possible theft with the glass mount antenna with built-in blue LED light and 125dB weatherproof.



  • ( 2 ) CAT4ME One-Way Remote Controls

  • ( 1 ) 4180065 Antenna
  • ( 1 ) 4120388 Antenna Harness
  • On-Board Digital Tilt & Shock Sensor
  • Dual Stage Shock Detection (Lite Touch – Full Trigger)
  • 2,500 ft. Range
  • Silent choice
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in LED light and valet switch
  • 125dB weatherproof siren
  • Dual stage magnetic shock sensor (lite touch – full trigger)
  • RPS (real panic sound) horn output
  • Starter interrupt output with relay included
  • On board relay for flashing parking lights


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