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12/16V Battery IntelliCharger, 5A, 15A, 25A

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XS Power

The IntelliCHARGER is designed to charge 12V, 14V and 16V lead-acid batteries of all types.

This ”smart charger” features a custom circuit board inside with a microprocessor that controls the constant current/constant voltage features. The microprocessor analyzes the battery when connected, and if voltage is below 4V or does not charge to the correct voltage in a ten-hour period the charger will shut off.


  • Dual voltage levels
  • Compatible with 12V, 14V & 16V Batteries
  • Two charging modes
  • Compatible with all lead-acid battery types (AGM/Gel, Deep cycle and Maint. free)
  • Three charging levels; 2amp, 15amp and 25amp
  • LED indicators plus Digital Voltage/Amperage Gauge
  • 6′ heavy-duty cables



XS Power

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