Brandmotion 11102520

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Brandmotion 1110-2520 Frameles

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With the Frameless ARQ(TM) Mirror with Universal Remote Control, safely open or close your garage door or gate with a single button press or turn on lights to ensure you never come home to a dark house again. Always in reach, the ARQ(TM) remote control is conveniently positioned within your vehicle’s interior for a sleek, modern design. Coming or going, seamlessly connect your vehicle to your home for safe, reliable access every time.

  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Vehicle
  • Remote Is Easily Removed From Mirror For Portability
  • 10+ Year Battery Life Under Normal Operating Conditions
  • Utilizes Universal D-Tab Wedge Mount
  • Manually Dimmable Mirror
  • 9 in. Mirror
  • Universal Remote Pairs With Most Garage Door Openers
  • Simple/Wireless Programming Gets You Connected Fast
  • Class Leading 10+ Year Battery Life
  • 9-16V Operating Voltage Range