Driven Racing Oil 03406

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KRT Karting Racing Oil

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Driven Racing Oil Karting Oil  Viscosity typical of 0W-20 KRT features an advanced friction modifier package to increase horsepower in 4 stroke karting engines, and KRT utilizes select synthetic base oils to deliver increased high temperature, horsepower, and durability at high temperatures. It utilizes proprietary anti-wear and friction reducing additives to fight valve train wear and increase horsepower, is compatible with pump gas and race fuels, ideal for Clone and Honda engines, & proven to increase horsepower (up to .4 horsepower in Clone engines and KRT reduces cam and lifter wear in Flathead engines). Viscosity typical of 0W-20.

  • Discount available for purchasing a minimum of 120, and a better discount for purchasing 576 units.
  • ZDDP Camshaft Protection.
  • High temperature high stability wireless
  • Friction reduces additives
  • anti-foaming Racing Formula
  • Made in the USA.


Driven Racing Oil


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